Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion

Distributed by BMDS, Inc.


What Treatment Options Are Available for Keloids? 


Treatment Option:

Surgical Incisions - Helps in most instances.

Expensive. Requires several office visits, can cause skin tension, and secondary infection may occur. Temporary relief is achieved, but Keloid lesions return in a more severe condition.


Treatment Option:

Intralesional Steroid Injections - Some relief is achieved. 

Expensive. Requires several medical office visits, leakage of steroid.


Treatment Option:

Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion - Effective, helps smooth the surface of the skin, and provides relief from discomfort and embarrassment of unsightly Keloids

Inexpensive. Does not require any medical office visits or prescription.

Recommended Usage: Twice Daily, Every 6 to 8 Hours

Directions: For external use only. First, clean affected area with a damp  moistened cloth (preferrably with hydrogen peroxide), then apply a dime size amount of Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion, rubbing directly onto affected area. Do not remove until next application.

Results: Within approximately 2 to 3 weeks; some soreness and tenderness of the Keloids may occur, along with minor itching. This is an indication of the healing process.

Note: If soreness and itching persist after 3 weeks, reduce usage to every other day. 

Ingredients: Glycerin, (Trihydroxypropane), and Sulfur. 

When used as directed, Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion Offers an effective solution to the Keloid problem. Reaching the solution may vary, according to the degree of one's Keloid formations. Not all Keloids are complex, and some relief can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Manufactured in 1994, Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion is distributed by BMDS, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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