Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion

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 What Are Keloids?

Keloids are tumors that consist of actively growing tissue, which develops in the skin as a result of trauma to the scalp such as, a close hair cut or shave.


Who Is Affected by Keloids?

People of dark skinned races are more susceptible to Keloid formation. Keloids are rare in infancy and old age. Episodes increase in numbers from puberty, with the maximum outbreaks occurring among people ages 30 to 40 years old.

How Do Keloids Appear?

Keloids may appear to be typical razor bumps behind the neck or around the scalp. Keloids may become evident 3 to 4 weeks after the skin has been affected. The scar becomes raised and thickened to form a well defined, firm, pink, or red plaque. The Keloid becomes irritable and hypersensitive, and its surface becomes smoother and rounder.


What Happens If Keloids Remain Untreated? 

Unlike a hypertophic scar that remains confined to the site of the original skin injury, a Keloid invades the surrounding skin. The Keloid can become large and disfiguring.


How Can Keloids Be Treated?

Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion can help provide relief to those suffering from the discomfort of Keloids. To compare other treatment options and determine if Anti-Keloid Skin Care Lotion is right for you, click here. 


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